Top 10 healthy fruits and vegetables

Health fruits All vegetables and fruits are nutritious,but some ones most healthy. Now we’re going to see what’s tha healthy benefits of fruits and vegetables

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Protein (5.9 per cent), fat (1.0 per cent), lime (210 mg), phosphorus (75 mg), iron (20.5 mg), glyco-alkaloid (2.70 per cent) and tannin (3.60 per cent). It is rich in mineral salts and bio-nutrients such as saponin (9.10 per cent) and antioxidant activity (59.37 per cent).

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Novel fruit

 Excessive anti-oxidant, which is capable of renewing new cells in the body, can cure skin rashes such as whiteheads and itchy skin. Those who suffer from kidney stones, eat and grind their seeds with powdered yoghurt, the stones dissolve.   Sugar patients dry their seeds in the shade and eat about one gram in the morning and evening.

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The medical qualities of pumpkin seeds …

Pumpkin can cure all three diseases like prostate inflammation, diabetes and cholesterol. Its seed has various medical benefits. Pumpkin seeds contain many essential nutrients, as well as various health benefits.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in fiber, protein, iron and vitamin. Also, it is rich in essential minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and zinc.

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Benefits of eating an orange juice every day …!


Oranges are low in calories, so if you are looking to lose weight, you can get a good diet every day.

Orange fruit is rich in soluble fiber, which reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body.

 Oranges are rich in lemonoids, a cancer-fighting substance. Therefore, eating this fruit can prevent many types of cancer.

 Orange fruit prevents tooth decay. People who don’t drink milk can eat orange juice. Calcium supplements in milk are available in orange as well.

 Orange juice is anti-pathogenic. Drink a little hot water with orange juice.

 Lime in orange juice cures heart ailments, heart ailments and bone marrow disease. Anemia and Immunity

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Medicinal properties of cucumber readily available


Cucumber is mainly used to quench heat. They benefit us in many other ways. 90% of the cucumber is hydrated. Also, cucumber is applied to the skin to protect against sun rays.

Water in cucumber removes the waste from the body. Eating it regularly will dissolve stones in the kidneys. These include vitamin A, B and C which boost the body’s immunity and promote energy efficiency. Juice it with lettuce and carrot and drink it. It is better to eat cucumber intact without removing it. This is because there is enough vitamin C in the shoulder.

 Cucumber is rich in potassium, magnesium and silicone. Because cucumber is high in water and low in calories, it is a perfect food for those who want to lose weight. So it is not included in soups or salads…

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  It is used as a good remedy for gall bladder, headache, constipation, sore throat and vomiting. Cholera can kill germs. Solving dental diseases. Oral odor, dermatitis, tonsil, gastrointestinal, scoliosis, eczema, jaundice, swelling, oral hypochondria, eczema, nausea, elephant sickness, all these are good cures.

Those who eat at the cafe

   2 lemons can be squeezed, mixed with a good juice and seasoned with salt every day to eliminate many of the hassles caused by unhealthy foods.

Lemon skin has the power to prevent the risk of radiation. Lemon-eaters can escape radiation. Lemon also prevents radiation harm caused by x-ray treatment for cancer patients.


  Drink a lemonade, squeeze sugar or salt to get rid of fatigue.

Break the fast

  If you eat lemon juice when eating it again, you have problems…

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Apple Medicine

Blood-stained “imoglobin” is rich in apples. It has the power to stop high blood pressure and to clean it. It has the ability to illuminate mani.If you chew on apples daily, your teeth will strengthen. It has the ability to block gums, pain and bleeding.Apples contain protein, fat, sugar, vitamin A, B, C, sodium, potassium.The apple has the power to activate the liver and kill the gut.Babies can be mashed with apples.Nutrition in apples gives the brain strength and clarity. It is the epitome of brain disease and rheumatism.Nervousness, insomnia, sleep disturbances and nervous disorders, both in the morning and in the evening, can be eaten daily.Exfoliate apple juice, relieve tiredness, give new energy to the heart and nervous system…

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Pineapple is rich in vitamin A, B-2, C, lime and iron.

Pineapple-related major illnesses – side headache, bipolar headache, all kinds of eye diseases, all kinds of dental diseases, throat diseases, oral thrush, brain disease, and memory loss. These diseases can be cured for 40 days with honey and pineapple.

It has the power to resolve manjakkamal.

Pineapple is best for anemia.

It has the power to eliminate gallbladder, dizziness, hunger, and tingling.

And it is good medicine for white disease, constipation

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Bitter guard

Bitter guard contains more calcium and iron more than spinach. Also bitacarotine. Bitter guard control the insuline level of bodymBy taking bitter guard juice early morning empty stomach you can control your insulin level


Beetroot when we hear the name we all know its good for our increase our hemoglobin. It contains 87.7% water, 1.7% protein, 1% fat, 0 .8 % salt 8.8% carbohydrates Also magnesium, iron , sodium, potassium It is a very useful vegetable

Vegetables and fruits make everyone fresh and healthy. So add fresh vegetables and fruits to your daily meal. Fore more details stay continuously with us and leave your comments

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LANK BEAUTY’S – Best time visit Lankan Best 8 place

Best Time visit SrilankaBest Time visit Srilanka We like to watch this website because in this page world most beautiful attractive sri lankas nature we can see. Also so you can visit many beautiful tourists famous places too

Best time visit srilanka
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Sorabora Wewa

The famous Sorabora Wewa, the massive irrigation reservoir of ancient Bintanne lies about 1 km from the current Mahiyangana town and a must see destination for visitors of Mahiyangana Rajmaha Viharaya


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Shanthipura village🌿🏕🥦
On the slopes of the majestic Kikiliyamana, the fifth highest mountain in Sri Lanka, lies the village of Shanthipura. This is the highest village in the entire island, located at an altitude of 7339 feet on the Kikiliyamana Mountain road from Nuwara Eliya.
The village came to being in 1963; when T William Fernando, the mayor of Nuwara Eliya indulged in his obsession of starting villages.
Shanthipura is a little village gives a panoramic view of the serene blue hills, and the lake adjacent to the valley, gradually again ascending with the lush tea bushes.

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Kurullangala is a rocky outcrop in the Karandagolla area belonging to the Ella Divisional Secretariat. At the seemingly difficult to reach top of this rocky mountain consists a wall of cave art in a style never observed anywhere in the country. Almost perfectly proportioned line drawings of huge birds, peacocks, humans and other unidentifiable rock art which some believe to be over 5000 years old.

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baththalangunduwa is iconic place for beach camping. Kalpitiya has gotten one of the significant vacation spots of Sri Lanka. Most of the travelers visit Kalpitiya to visit mainly Baththalangunduwa, Bird watching, Kalpitiya Dutch Fort, Kayaking, Kite surfing, and it has an amazing beach. There are limited number of tourist destinations in Kalpitiya.

Lanka beauty
Beautiful lanka
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Yahangala/bed rock
Yahangala/bed rock is the mountain with unique shape of a bed situated at eastern edge of Knuckles massif. This rock related to Rawana legend. King Rawana’s body was kept here for last respect following he became unconsciousness by arrow flew by Rama’s bow. Therefore it is called Bedrock / Yahangala. According to folk this rock is situated at “Gale Bandara Deviyange Adawiya” under his protection.

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Mandaram Nuwara
Mandaram Nuwara is a small village situated at the foot of the Piduruthalagala Mountain in the district of Nuwara Eliya. This beautiful village is surrounded by misty mountains and waterfalls and has a history which runs down to the era of King Ravana. The village is bounded from the west by Piduruthalagala and from the east by the Balagolla mountain ranges. It is a popular hiking area among both locals and foreigners.~

Best Time visit Srilanka
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